Friday, September 26, 2008


Sammy's Photo:

Since my boyfriend Matt and I are moving back to FL for a few months, he convinced the kitchen staff to pull a little going-away prank of sorts on the head chef. Everyone is coming in with a mustache tonight. No explanation, nothing- everyone just HAPPENS to have a creepy 'stache. Matt looked too funny this morning post-grooming to resist setting up a little lighting and capturing him in his face carpet glory.
I really want to be able to take portraits like Jill Greenberg ( so, this shot took me three rounds and quite a bit of patience on Matt's part to come up with. I'm happy with it though and feel like my understanding of light is brightening each day. :)

Billy's Photo:


ClickClickB said...

I love That photographer on His work (And Yours!)
is so inspiring!!!

Sammi said...

her work, the manipulator is a woman ;)

Love the colors in your pic today! Rock on!